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Algarve Fishing promotes and sells services on the Algarve Fishing website.

The "Buyer" designates the individual who acts/buys as a final consumer, outside the scope of any business or profession. If you are not a "final consumer", we ask you not to make purchases on the Algarve Fishing website.

These general conditions and terms of sale exclusively regulate the purchase of services (trips for sport fishing or boat trips) made through the Algarve Fishing website.

The "Buyer" must provide Algarve Fishing with an email address or telephone contact or other data relating to another form of contact, which are correct and complete and acceptthat Algarve Fishing can contact you using this data, for the day before and day of departure by boat.

Algarve Fishing may not accept the markings in the following cases:

  1. Billing information is not correct or verifiable;
  2. Payment is not received within a period of 5 calendar days after acceptance of the order;
  3. if there is evidence that the consumer is under the age of 18 or is not a final consumer;

In these cases, Algarve Fishing will inform you by e-mail of the reasons why the sales contract was not made.

By confirming the data of the service you are accepting the general conditions of sale, as well as other conditions existing on the Algarve Fishing website.




The prices of the products displayed on the website represent final prices of sale to the consumer. Prices already include taxes, where applicable. Prices are all quoted in euros.

The prices of the products displayed on the website are subject to change.

Algarve Fishing reserves the right to change prices without notice. The prices displayed at the time of purchase are the prices applied to that purchase.

Algarve Fishing is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use of any other form of payment or the incorrect use of the existing modalities by the "Buyer".


The available Payment Methods are:

  • Bank Transfer



To ensure the protection of personal data, Algarve Fishing is committed to ensuring that your data is safe and secure.



  • By registering and/or making your reservation online, users consent to the use of their personal data and any details provided during registration and/or online booking.
  • Algarve Fishing will only ask for the essential information for the day of departure. This contact information (such as name, email and telephone contact) will be stored and processed to personalize the service provided and may eventually be used for communication purposes.
  • Algarve Fishing does not have access to sensitive information such as: the password, your credit or debit card details.
  • We guarantee that no personal data will be sold, transferred or shared with third parties. Your data is confidential and will only be used by Algarve Fishing.
  • Customers can update their data by sending an email to They may also, at any time, inform you that you do not wish to continue to receive our communications in the same way.
  • Algarve Fishing reserves the right to use cookies on its website to facilitate the use and collect statistical data through user information, IP address and pages visited. This information may be used to monitor the use of the website and therefore contribute to improving the experience of using it.
  • Most browsers are configured to allow default cookies, but if you wish, you can manually change your browser settings to refuse them. We recommend that you allow cookies from this site to ensure the full functionality of
  • At any time you can manage cookies, for more information see here.
  • Algarve Fishing is not responsible for acts not resulting from its own negligence.
  • Algarve Fishing reserves the right to change its privacy policy and will promptly inform its customers of any modification.

Thank you for trusting us.

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